And so it goes …

We live under the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about.

The Silent Spring that Carson predicted would come unless we stopped using pesticides is here.

Marx said the inherent instability of capitalism would cause euphoric ups and catastrophic downs, followed by a final crash.  He and Adam Smith both warned of monopoly capitalism, the latter the destructiveness of unbridled capitalism and that the hidden hand needed to have a human face.

We are in the midst of global environmental and moral collapse that, according to Jared Diamond, is the precursor to the Collapse of Civilizations.  He paints a vivid picture of repetitive societal extinctions in humanity’s history, which we are bound to repeat unless we change our patterns.  A gruesome version of Groundhog Day.

Weber analysed bureaucracy and types of leadership. HIs research should have been used as a guide of what not to do as we built our governance structures and institutions. Durkheim talked about the necessity of corporate associations as supports in society and described the anomie and alienation that would occur if society started losing its moral foundations.

People can’t say they weren’t warned.

When people go to Walmart to buy cheap stuff made in China and then complain about how China is taking away jobs,  when the majority of voters choose authoritarian and totalitarian, nepotism, and corruption over human rights, justice, and freedom, when one of the top sectors of the global economy is weapons with never pausing production and infinite possibilities, when we are in the midst of a geological scale migration and nations wring their hands while at the same time feeding the double headed monster of war and global warming causing the migration, when scientists are playing around with genetics, robotics, creating nerve agents, new and improved pesticides, and we are drowning in plastic, it’s hard to be optimistic.

Spend spend spend! Don’t worry be happy.

And so it goes …




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