It’s hard to say what the Republicans stand for nowadays.

They are against abortions but also against doing anything that helps make the lives of children  healthier and safer, like health care, free school lunches for kids living under the poverty line, and gun control.

They say they are for working families and yet support tax breaks for the richest rather than a minimum wage hike for the poorest. They praise their tax break legislation that bring home an extra 90 bucks a year for those on the low end of the salary scale and a whopping multi-million for those on the other end, such as the President himself, the Republicans in office, and their rich friends.

They don’t want immigrants, particularly muslims, but it’s the muslims who are guaranteed to pass the piss test and not get fired, and companies need their work ethic.  For those who don’t know, to test for drugs people have to pee in a container, the company tests it for drug use (marijuana, opioids, etc) and if it’s positive – you’re fired .

This news report explains it: https://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/27/us/refugees-jobs-drug-testing/index.html

The Republican pushed the WTO and put Wolfowitz in charge, they pushed free trade and talked free market.  But not anymore. WTO is now the bad guy and the free market ended with the bank bailouts – better corporate welfare than social welfare.

It used to be they were the moral high and mighty, but the #metoo movement put an end to that fantasy. No longer is infidelity a political problem or insulting women, nor is being an alleged pedophile. the Russians are the good guys –  MaCarthy must be rolling in his grave.

The GPO seems to be on their way to changing their acronym to the NRA.

Who are the elite they complain about? According to the definition, they are.

We can say they don’t stand for a free press – since they don’t discourage editorial control of so many local television stations:

They don’t support a plurality, which by definition is diverse, and since democracy depends on a plurality can we say they don’t support democracy?

The Republican President congratulates autocrats on winning elections and is pushing the formerly anti-Republican stance of protectionism.

When all is said and done, the Republicans have not only lost their integrity, they don’t seem to stand for much anymore.



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